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Unite your members over their wellbeing

You advocate for your members on many different fronts and, as representatives of their collective voice, you have the potential to make a real difference when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

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Transform the community with your brand and overall wellbeing goals!
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Connect them to the value of peer health support

Build a branded online peer health community that enables you to enhance the value offered to members as well as demonstrate leadership and a strong commitment to both mental and physical health for a widespread impact across many industry sectors.

Your Benefits

Our online peer community can:


of caregivers experience clinically significant levels of stress, anxiety, or depression.12

0 to 10

years on average can be added to life expectancy for 40 year-olds if living a healthier lifestyle.5


of adults with a chronic physical condition also have a mental health condition.13

“…I don’t know if you realize how significant the impact is that you’ve had on our members in a little over a year…”

Client Feedback

Member Benefits

Make it easier for your members to:

Find an inclusive space to feel safe asking health questions, finding information and sharing.

Feel understood and less alone as they learn from others with similar health experiences and goals.

Better cope with stress and anxiety and make progress toward sustainable healthy lifestyle choices.

Benefit from social support in addition to professional healthcare solutions – for themselves or in their role as caregivers.

Know where to go for credible, practical health information from the professionals at Healthwise.

Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness for improved mental and emotional health.

Featured FAQs

What can members do in the community?2022-06-20T12:56:12+00:00

Members can join the different forum topic discussions, blog about their health journey, find credible resources, create their own private Close Circle, chat or message other members. We offer a feature-rich experience because we understand that not everyone likes to connect and share in the same way. Learn more about our platform and services.

How often will members use the community?2022-06-18T23:03:57+00:00

Many factors will impact how frequently members use the community when caring for themselves or their families. As described in our approach, a health journey isn’t linear or the same for everyone. You can’t predict what will trigger the need for peer support, but you can have the community ready and waiting for when the need arises. Often, just knowing this support is available through awareness and communication, you can offer a level of confidence and peace of mind.

How will the community be promoted?2022-06-18T23:02:21+00:00

We offer an outreach communication toolkit with templates that can be adapted and incorporated into the existing ways you communicate with your target audience. Need more help? We can offer you additional communication services – strategy, design, content and implementation.

Can we give access to the community through our portal or intranet?2022-06-20T12:53:00+00:00

Yes, providing an access point to your community through an existing portal or intranet is possible. Our Discovery phase will cover how we do it and what the experience is like for the member. Check out how we build your community with you to learn more.

Can we join a peer support community with other organizations instead of having our own white-labeled version?2022-06-20T22:00:58+00:00

Absolutely! If you’re in the USA or Canada, learn more about our Relate community.

What’s the pricing structure?2022-06-20T12:50:16+00:00

We have an initial setup fee, and then there’s a monthly charge based on the number of individuals that are eligible to join.

Have more questions? See our Community FAQs or Contact Us.

Accelerate the impact of peer health support on individuals, caregivers, and families.

We make it easy

The online peer community platform, team and experience – all in one package!


Configurable and scalable based on your objectives and brand.


Feature-rich experience accessible through the web and mobile app.


Personalized communication and engagement framework.


Supported and moderated by our team of community professionals.


Options to integrate with your existing online platform.


HIPAA-compliant and personal data privacy protections.

That’s our approach. Now let’s talk about how we build your community for you.

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