Why us? We get it.

We know we didn’t invent peer support and we’re not the only ones who have built an online community platform. The good news is that we’ve been building communities since 2006 and we bring the strategy, insights and hands-on experience to what we offer you!

It's Never Linear

Our health journeys don’t follow a straight line. Our needs and goals can change at any time and the effects are felt by whole families.

Multiple health topics

With the potential to be built around multiple wellness themes, the community can become the “go-to” for peer health support. This is key for proactive overall wellbeing and creates sustainable and ongoing value compared to other solutions that focus solely on mental health or specific individuals and conditions.


Based on your choice, members can invite their family and friends to join and share in the benefits of peer support.


Not everyone feels comfortable talking about their health when others know who they are, especially when it comes to mental health.

Display names

Members create a display name to enable anonymity within the community.

Aggregate reporting

To protect personal information, our reporting on the growth and health of the community is in aggregate only.

Changing Needs

Most people wear multiple hats at any given time, including the responsibility of caring for loved ones.



Members choose the main reason, or role, that fits with what brings them to the community (e.g. for themselves or as a caregiver). Their selection is used to personalize recommended activities and member connections. It doesn’t limit their experience in any way and can be easily updated as needs change.

Choices for Everyone

Not everyone likes to connect and share in the same way. A “one-size-fits-all” approach just doesn’t work.


More than just one way to connect

Members can join the different forum topic discussions, blog about their health journey, find credible resources, create their own private Close Circle, chat or message other members. It doesn’t have to be the same experience each and every time.

Credible Resources

Access to reliable health information that can be trusted is invaluable to supporting peer connections and building self-efficacy.


Credible health information

Your community will include a knowledge center area that can be loaded with your own content and/or set up with content from the health professionals at Healthwise, Inc.

Private and Protected

Our responsibility to protect a member’s privacy and security is non-negotiable.

Privacy and security measures

Our platform is built with HIPAA-compliant and personal data privacy protections. We also enable member anonymity and don’t sell personal data or allow third-party cookies that could track member activity across different websites.

Ongoing Engagement

A platform on its own doesn’t build a community and sense of belonging for members.


Communication and engagement framework

We have built-in personalized communication and member engagement techniques, an outreach communication toolkit, moderation tools and policies to address inappropriate behavior and misinformation and, of course, the support from a team of real people!


Innovation doesn’t stand still. Neither do we.

Building value that lasts

We have a great platform already but also a roadmap to introduce enhancements and new features as well as more communication and engagement strategies. This is the really exciting stuff that will benefit the goals of our community members and the organizations we work with!

That’s our approach. Now let’s talk about how we build your community for you.

We’ve spent over 16 years building communities.
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