How we build your community with you

We’ve spent over 16 years building communities.
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Our platform is feature-rich. Add the support and experience of our team and you have a winning combination!

Key Features / Services

Optional Features

It’s not just having the features. It’s the way you put them together that creates a great user experience!



Align the community with your brand by customizing the community name, domain, logo, images and color palette. We provide the checklist to guide you and make sure it passes WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance.


Adapt the experience based on your goals and knowledge of your members. We’ll explain the options and provide our recommendations so that you’re confident in your decisions.


For starters, we’ll discuss options such as single sign-on (e.g. SAML 2.0) and APIs but we’d also be excited to explore more in-depth ways to integrate with your existing online platform and make the user experience more seamless.


Personalized communication and engagement framework

Benefit from built-in recommendation engines as well as personalized communication and member engagement techniques that are driven by member goals, interests and activities.

Accessible through the web and mobile app

Start with the responsive design for web-based use and the option to use a customized version of our standard mobile app, or integrate the community into your own app using our API.

Moderated and supported by our experienced team

We take on the important role of managing the community for you. The goal is to build trust as well as encourage meaningful connections and the sharing of experiences among members. When necessary, we have both automated tools and our experience to proactively manage inappropriate behavior and misinformation.


Scalable and monitored infrastructure

Count on our fully-managed, monitored cloud infrastructure that is built to easily scale as your community grows.

Ongoing enhancements and technical support

Have peace of mind when it comes to regular maintenance, upgrades and technical support. You also benefit when we introduce new features and enhancements to our platform offering.

Security and data privacy protections

Feel confident in our principles and the platform’s HIPAA-compliant and personal data privacy protections. This includes requiring only the minimum personal information, safeguarding it against unauthorized access, and never selling it. We also enable member anonymity and don’t allow third-party cookies that could track member activity across different websites.

Accelerate the impact of peer health support on individuals, caregivers, and families.