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Strengthen your appeal to clients and members

Are you looking to evolve your current platform to increase member retention and stay competitive given the shift to more diverse and proactive health needs? Think community.

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Transform the community with your brand and overall wellbeing goals!
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Drive value with our peer health support community

Expand your offering in response to the increased employer and individual focus on improving overall mental and physical wellbeing and help alleviate the current challenges of burnout, reduced productivity, higher turnover and rising healthcare costs.

Your Benefits

Our online community can:

“I think it really does ‘take a village’ to have the support and encouragement you need to make better health choices.”

Community Member

0 billion

Annual cost in USD from lost productivity due to personal and family health problems.2


of participants in online peer support for depression reported that it reduced symptoms.4


of employers say they’re investing more in mental health programs.17

client Benefits

Give your clients the ability to:

Member Benefits

Make it easier for members to:

Find a safe, inclusive space when they need to ask health questions, find information and benefit from mutual support.

Feel understood and less alone as they learn from others with similar health experiences and goals.

Better cope with stress and anxiety, manage chronic conditions and make progress toward sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Find beneficial ways to complement interactions with their healthcare providers, as patients and caregivers.

Know where to go for credible, practical health information to build confidence and self-efficacy.

Reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation for improved mental and emotional health.

Featured FAQs

Can we reach multiple target audiences?2023-10-16T15:59:52+00:00

Yes! Our platform can be configured for single or multiple roles. In the case of multiple roles, members choose the main reason that brings them to the community – i.e. for their own health needs, as an informal caregiver, or as a family member. The community can also be focused on a chronic condition or overall mental and physical health. We built the platform with flexibility and use the Discovery phase to help you make informed choices.

What ways can we integrate the community with our current platform?2023-10-16T15:46:41+00:00

With your own branded community, your initial options include single sign-on and the use of our APIs to streamline the registration process and/or integrate the community into your own app. We’ll also assess other ways to integrate with your existing platform, such as cross-promotion activities. Click here for more about our Platform and Services.

What can members do in the community?2022-06-20T12:56:12+00:00

Members can join the different forum topic discussions, blog about their health journey, find credible resources, create their own private Close Circle, chat or message other members. We offer a feature-rich experience because we understand that not everyone likes to connect and share in the same way. Learn more about our platform and services.

How do you avoid venting or certain topics from being talked about?2022-06-20T12:56:47+00:00

Before launch, we work with you to understand what topics you’re concerned about and establish the appropriate boundaries. Then we use our automated tools and experienced team to proactively monitor and guide the conversations to keep them on track and in line with the community guidelines and policies.

How often will members use the community?2022-06-18T23:03:57+00:00

Many factors will impact how frequently members use the community when caring for themselves or their families. As described in our approach, a health journey isn’t linear or the same for everyone. You can’t predict what will trigger the need for peer support, but you can have the community ready and waiting for when the need arises. Often, just knowing this support is available through awareness and communication, you can offer a level of confidence and peace of mind.

What size of population is needed to have our own branded peer health community?2022-06-18T22:41:10+00:00

There’s no “magic number” as it really depends on your goals, the size of the audience you’re trying to reach to grow your community and the sustainable value of the peer support you want to offer. For example, a community focused on a rare health condition would have a smaller audience than one for overall health and wellbeing but both would have great potential value and benefits. Want to explore further? We can certainly provide some quick recommendations as part of an initial assessment so contact us.

How soon can our branded community be ready to launch?2022-06-18T22:41:45+00:00

We’ll work with you to get to market in under six months. For how we build your community with you, check out our platform and services.

Have more questions? See our Community FAQs or Contact Us.

It’s not just having the features. It’s the way you put them together that creates a great user experience!

We make it easy

The online peer community platform, team and experience – all in one package!


Configurable and scalable based on your objectives and brand.


Feature-rich experience accessible through the web and mobile app.


Personalized communication and engagement framework.


Supported and moderated by our team of community professionals.


Options to integrate with your existing online platform.


HIPAA-compliant and personal data privacy protections.

Now let’s talk about how we build your community for you.

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