Collaboration & professional development

Tutela for ESL & FSL professionals

Driven initially as a document repository for ESL (English as a second language) and FSL (French as a second language) professionals, this online community quickly evolved to revolutionize how ESL / FSL teachers collaborate, learn and work on a daily basis. Seven years later, that’s still the case.

Knowledge sharing & collaboration

Equip teachers and administrators with the tools to develop best practices, access resources and share their expertise with peers across Canada.

Events, networking & support

Facilitate opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction through events, networking and online public or private groups – all designed for the ongoing support of language training service providers.

Professional development

Enable easy access to ongoing training opportunities that can be tracked and completed live or on demand in order to reduce costs and scheduling conflicts.

Leadership & innovation

Provide the platform to foster innovation and advance the development of new initiatives, best practices and improved methodologies through participation and collaboration on a larger scale.

Insightful discussion

Canadian Difference for bilingual, national discussion open to all Canadians

The goal of this community was to create a valuable and open point of reference on ways to help strengthen Canada’s identity and shape practical solutions to current and future challenges.

Guided, knowledgeable dialogue

Facilitated more in-depth and relevant conversation with time-limited topics led by “Differentiators”, or Subject Matter Experts.

Member recognition

Encouraged members to recognize each other’s valuable contributions to the discussion through the unique “Difference Ranking system”.

Newsworthy themes

Explored topics related to key themes such as Indigenous Peoples, Multiculturalism and Canada in the World.

Reach & open access

Maintained momentum by allowing members to further the open discussions at any time of the day, and from any location.

Integration & centralization

A substantial online hub to better connect members

For Hedon (Household Energy Network), the team needed to streamline and empower their members to exchange ideas and generate actionable items. We helped them reach that goal.

Centralized hub

Integrated multiple disparate tools and centralized the information on a unified technology stack.

Operational efficiencies

Enabled staff to shift focus to organizational priorities given the simplified, easy-to-use platform.

Thought leadership & action

Empowered project leaders, funders and suppliers to connect, discover and self publish using the online catalogue.

Private work area

Provided a private work area for Hedon employees and board members to connect online.

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