Revitalization of Indigenous Languages & Culture

Nanaamwin language platform

Alongside Wiikwemkoong Heritage Organization, the Synergiq team’s community-building expertise has led to the building of an online platform to create future generations of Anishinaabemowin speakers – the language of the Anishinaabe people.

Stronger sense of community

Empower families to strengthen ties to their language and cultural identity as well as underpin the ongoing relevance both have to daily life.

Efficiencies & broader reach

Allow dispersed communities to overcome the barriers of distance as well as pool resources and knowledge for greater impact.

Self-paced learning

Encourage learners to progress at their own speed with access to topic-based, online classes that are supported by content-rich resources.

24/7 access

Enable members to bridge the gap and connect at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.

Unifying Inuit language & culture

The goal of our work with the IUT (Inuit Language Authority) was to protect and standardize the language spoken to prevent its disappearance. Funded by the Nunavut Government as part of their 15-year, mandated effort.

Streamlined & collaborative process

Enabled communities to work together to capture the 25 dialects spoken by the 50,000 Inuit who live in northern Canada.

Accelerated success

Increased the amount of language terms collected and the speed of standardization – from over 1 year to less than 3 months.

Cost efficiencies

Facilitated the evaluation of suggestions and support material from the widespread Inuit population which eliminated the need for travel.

Ease of access

Allowed standardized terms to be quickly published and disseminated throughout Inuit schools and places of work.

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