Peer-to-Peer Support Communities

For the patient:

Being diagnosed with a long-term condition or illness is a life-changing experience that can be confusing and overwhelming – both for the person and also their family and informal caregivers.

So what happens when access to credible information is fragmented and the healthcare system is already strained? The person’s emotional wellbeing – a key factor in better patient outcomes – is often neglected. Synergiq helps to bridge this gap with trusted, peer-to-peer online communities that are designed to support and enhance the interactions that patients and their families have with their primary care providers. 


Credible information

Build patient confidence knowing that the resources and articles shared within the community have been vetted for accuracy and value by healthcare professionals.

Improved patient confidence & sense of control

Empower and engage patients to better manage their own healthcare journeys from increased knowledge and understanding gained through shared experiences.

Ongoing emotional support

Reduce anxiety and feelings of isolation by connecting patients, their families and caregivers to others with similar experiences for mutual support and coping strategies.

24/7 access

Enable patients and their networks of family support to look for answers and help – at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.

For the organization:

Hospital networks, health plan providers, employers and many more organizations are impacted when a person and their family are affected by a long-term condition or illness. In addition to providing care, there are significant internal pressures such as staffing and cost control as well as the need to innovate and generate revenue.

Since patients and their families will search for people whose experiences mirror their own, leading an online community can provide more patient-centric support, drive higher patient and family satisfaction as well as alleviate organizational challenges.



Use the online community to onboard new patients or members as well as reduce misinformation and costly emergency hospital visits caused by lack of knowledge and emotional stress.

Extended reach & scope

Retain and attract more patients or members through ongoing engagement as well as by overcoming geographical and time barriers through online capabilities.

Increased self-management

Provide patients with greater confidence and sense of control over their own healthcare journeys – gained from increased knowledge, shared experiences and peer support.

Support for outpatient services

Ensure continuity of support before and after the in-person interactions with providers. Engage and empower informal caregivers who are also a cornerstone for better health outcomes.

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Communities for Healthcare Professionals

Building a better future for healthcare:

We also build online communities to connect healthcare professionals and administration so they can share knowledge, collaborate and drive innovation within a secure and easy-to-use environment. 


Knowledge sharing & collaboration

Enable primary care providers, no matter where they are, to access rich content as well as share peer-to-peer expertise and insights to improve their team’s delivery of healthcare services.

Communication & networking

Streamline communication channels to ensure rapid dissemination of important information and resources. Expand opportunities for peer-to-peer networking beyond in-person interactions.

Professional development

Provide easy access to ongoing training opportunities that can be tracked and completed on demand to fit in with busy schedules, or designed to complement in-person events.

Leadership & innovation

Provide the platform to foster innovation and advance the research and development of new initiatives, treatments or best practices through participation and collaboration on a much larger scale.

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Our communities are secure, trusted online environments with HIPAA-compliant privacy protections.