A highlight of our varied work with Rogers Cable

The Objectives
  • Develop and launch an internal initiative that signalled the beginning of an internal culture shift from sales focus to customer-service focus
  • Engage all Rogers Cable employees, including customer facing, customer support, management and back office staff
The Solution
  • Create an internal program to provide employees with the tools they would need to deliver outstanding customer service. The strategy was to continually remind employees that the “customer is why we are here” at all levels, from the logo design and presence material through to inter-departmental activities and employee recognition
  • Develop a program theme (Customer 1st) that included logo design, education, communication, presence material, motivational activities as well as rewards and recognition of employees and volunteers
The Results
  • Customer and employee satisfaction surveys were conducted after the launch of Customer 1st. Unlike previous initiatives at the company, employees recognized the commitment to putting the “Customer 1st” was here to stay. Customer service satisfaction increased significantly
  • To leverage the success of the Customer 1st initiative, the existing customer service training program for call centre employees was brought under the umbrella theme and given its unique design and program elements
  • After a successful 4 years, the program subsequently evolved into their First Time Right initiative
  • Client: Rogers Cable
  • Relationship: 5 years
  • Category: More work
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