A highlight of our work with the Ontario Lung Association

The Objectives
  • Give non-smoking teens a “hook” that will encourage them to ask those who smoke around them not to
  • Create messaging that was real, honest and relatable to teens – peer-to-peer communication and not as if coming from an organization
The Solution
  • Use of real-life “yuck factor” analogies to prompt honest, non-preachy or confrontational conversation without making the non-smoker look like a geek or, worse, totally uncool
  • Build messaging around the core idea of “You wouldn’t accept secondhand (gum, toothbrush, bathroom tissue, drinking cup, condom) for use on or in your body. Why accept secondhand smoke?”
  • Development and rollout of “Secondhand Blows!” campaign – TV, print, website, webisodes, street-level activities and advertising, contest promotion
The Results
  • Page views for the campaign website were 136% higher than the average for similar campaigns!
  • 38% of contest participants signed up to receive future emails from Secondhand Blows!
  • The street-level activity saw 18,500 postcards and 1,044 tshirts being handed out
  • The above-average participation in the volunteer-based, online survey clearly indicated high retention of the Secondhand Blows! TV spots – with many respondents describing them in detail
  • The Ontario Lung Association liked the campaign so much, and received such positive feedback from consumers, they decided to roll it out nationally (with the blessing of their national association) and applied for funding from the Federal Government to make it a national campaign
  • Client: Ontario Lung Association
  • Relationship: 3 years
  • Category: More work
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