A highlight of our work with CIBC Mellon

The Objectives
  • Create a clear identity with all its stakeholders – customers, prospects, employees and the industry itself. The joint venture between CIBC and The Bank of New York Mellon in the U.S. provides business-to-business asset or custody services
  • Look, act and sound like a leader on a consistent basis across all touchpoints
The Solution
  • Create a theme that was meaningful to multiple target groups – “Go Forward”
  • Develop brand iconography to create strong, long-term “brand marker” recognition and powerful page presence
  • Rollout new identity internally and externally – corporate newsletter, print ads, banner ads, CDs, recruitment brochure, presentation collateral, website header, B2B advertising and internal vision video
The Results
  • “In short, G+D surpassed my expectations. As a result of their rebranding campaign they’ve managed to enhance our brand reputation and help us win business in a very competitive marketplace. The innovative advertising and communications materials were very well received by prospects, clients and staff.” – Tom MacMillan, President and CEO, CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company
  • Client: CIBC Mellon
  • Relationship: 3 years
  • Category: More work
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